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On the day of your event Jessica likes to arrive 4-5 hours prior to guests entering the main ballroom or space to paint the background and decor. She arrives with her easel and blank canvas and paints everything she sees. The architecture of the ballroom, tablescapes, chandeliers, and your cake. All of the details you have planned coming together in one painting.

Three weeks prior to the event you will discuss specific details for your painting. Jessica will ask the lighting/mood and any reasonable requests for the painting. Is there a favorite grandparent you'd like to make sure is in the painting this is the time to let her know. Is there someone you do not want in the painting, this is your chance.

A Live Event Painting is so special because it is a painting of the moment. It is not a portrait. It is painterly and elegant in a way that realism of defined portraiture can not be. The couple will be the most recognizable while family and other guests will be painted in a more impressionistic style.

Paintings are typically 80% completed live at the wedding or event. Guests are able to leave really feeling like they witnessed something amazing take place in front of their eyes. A piece of art being created live as the wedding unfolds. At the time dessert is served Jessica takes the painting back to her studio to receive touch ups and details. The painting is typically complete 3-4 months after the event.

Please click on the contact link below to check if Jessica is available for your date. Please include your event location, venue, date, and email address to receive pricing. Prices are based on the size of the painting and location. Each painting receives approximately 20 hours of work from background conception, to actual time at an event, to touch ups. Jessica works in professional grade acrylics and is insured. Paintings start at $3,300, contact for a quote and availability.

If Jessica was not available for your wedding or if your wedding has already passed, you can still have a painting. Reflective paintings are event paintings based on photos that can create an amazing anniversary gift or a special piece of heirloom art you gift yourself. Many couples love their live wedding paintings so much that they commission Jessica to create a painting of their ceremony after the wedding based on multiple photos. Paintings from photos require over 20 hours of work and start at $3,300(contact for a quote and availability) depending on size and amount of subjects. click to view paintings from photos gallery.

Jessica paints live at over 80 weddings per year. The early bird catches the worm....

Only 5ft by 5ft area is needed and a small table provided by the venue to paint.


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